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Current JPEC Students

JPEC, located on Jackson College’s Campus, offers a unique learning environment where students can advance at their own pace in pursuit of a free associate’s degree and high school diploma. Student’s passions and interests are identified and integrated into their leaning. JPEC reflects Jackson College’s three term calendar embedding students into a collegiate culture throughout fall, winter, and spring terms. JPEC provides students with twenty-first century skills focused on four core areas: A progressive academic mindset, positive self-agency, effective communication and collaborations, and responsible modern citizenship.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is a primary focus for JPEC. Our philosophy is that we prepare students to be successful in college by supporting them enrollment into college courses and ensuring that they are college proven before graduating from JPEC. Dual Enrollment means that a student is enrolled in a college course that counts both as college credit as well as credit fulfilling high school requirements – one class meeting two goals. As an Early College, our expectation is that students will successfully enroll and complete in at least 15 college credits upon graduation. Students will have the opportunity to earn a full Associates Degree of 60 credits, depending upon their program pathway, completely tuition free and on a personalized timeline. Students will have 5 years to complete this program.

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