Jackson Preparatory & Early College, located on Jackson College’s campus, offers a unique learning environment where students can advance at their own pace in pursuit of a free Associate’s degree and high school diploma.  Student’s passions and interests are identified and integrated into their learning.  JPEC follows a year-round calendar, beginning after Labor Day and concluding at the end of July.

Classroom learning experience is enhanced by a combination of highly qualified teachers and specialized education software and programming.  School-wide curriculum is aligned with college standards.  Beginning in 6th grade, students are progressively challenged to meet increasing academic expectations that culminate with achieving college readiness benchmarks.  JPEC challenges students to ask questions, construct new knowledge, confront assumptions, take learning risks, and develop self-awareness.

Student choice and voice are valued through a rich social environment.  Students have the opportunity to lead clubs and organizations such as student government, drama, debate, robotics, National Honor Society, and many more!  We continue to develop our arts program and currently offer both beginning and advanced choir and band.  Annual school events such as Homecoming, Prom, and the End of Year picnic provide JPEC students with social traditions.  Our athletic program is MHSAA sanctioned and competes within the Mid-South Conference as a Class D School.

Message from Jonathon Marowelli, President of JPEC

It is an honor to welcome you to Jackson Preparatory & Early College.  JPEC is an innovative school in which personal learning style, passion, strengths, interests, and growth opportunities craft a students’ personalized education plan.  JPEC is a school where competency and mastery based education, continuous advancement, and integrative-learning affords students tremendous opportunity to excel in academics and in life!

JPEC is set apart by a dynamic vision of what education can and should be, and by our dedication to each student.  We are currently faced with the challenge of a quickly changing world in which we need to support and prepare students not only to succeed but also to thrive.  We confront this challenge by providing students with a college readiness curriculum as well as opportunities to develop both academic and behavioral mindsets.  Students explore learning through a structure that allows them to advance at their own pace and engage by constructing their own knowledge.  We focus on cross-cutting concepts, integrated curriculum, posing problems, inquiry, service learning, and the development of self-management.

The JPEC faculty are dynamic academic coaches and facilitators.  They are dedicated to the success of our students and committed to the competency and mastery based structure we use.  They challenge students to ask questions, construct new knowledge, confront assumptions, take learning risks, and develop self-awareness.  As a visionary team, we hold ourselves accountable for reflecting on our practices and investigating innovations and best practices that will deepen how we meet our mission as a school and community.

Again, welcome to Jackson Preparatory & Early College!  Thank you for choosing to be a Falcon!