Welcome to Jackson Preparatory & Early College (JPEC), and to our Falcon Family! From the moment you enter our campus location, you are surrounded by a balance of the collegial academic environment and the warmth, passion and energy that our community has to offer. Our engaged College Preparatory students can be seen actively learning and discussing in our Learning Labs, and our Early College students can be found integrated within the college campus utilizing our post-secondary partner's resources and engaged in relevant learning and exploration of both high school and college coursework. Our mission at JPEC is clear and consistent. We are committed to providing our Falcons an academically rigorous, relevant, and  student-centered environment focused on achievement of chosen education goals. Students are exposed to varied world perspectives and prepared to handle new experiences and emerging technologies.

JPEC's approach to learning places students at the center of all decisions and fosters students' growth and confidence in taking responsible learning risks and being challenged by faculty, peers, and themselves within a safe and supportive setting. Our team strives to facilitate an inclusive and innovative environment where every student is held to high expectations, every teacher is also an Academic Coach, and where you can rely on us to focus on our Four Core district competencies: 1. An Academic Growth Mindset; 2. Effective Communication and Collaboration; 3. Positive Self-Agency; 4. Responsible Modern Citizenship.

Our competency based designs focused on mastery learning allow for true educational innovation and student centered learning paths. Our students are able to learn and demonstrate mastery of skills at their appropriate individualized pace. All students learn differently and on different timelines. Our unique approach and instruction designs reflect this belief. With our ability to advance students fluidly based upon their mastery of skills, we are able to ensure that our students are truly prepared for their next steps. Our Falcons are not rushed through their learning and are not socially promoted. They are supported and expect to build mastery with foundational skills as they progress through their program. We also remove traditional barriers for our students and foster their ability to soar as quickly as they desire. JPEC is an educational setting where students understand that commitment + effort = success. Through our unique design, students are able to develop college and career readiness skills early on and transition into college coursework and career experiences while still in high school. Our graduates are able to achieve an associate's degree or 60+ college credits and a high school diploma upon graduation at no cost for them or their families. Our Falcons are not just college ready, they are college proven, and they have a clear sense of self and understanding of what it means to have a positive impact on their communities.

Jackson Preparatory & Early College exists because of our community's desire to have a new educational opportunity for the families that live in the area. We embrace the vision that formed JPEC in 2013 and our commitment to educational reform and innovation throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. We are a Falcon Family focused on changing educational outcomes for our students, and being a voice and example of change for others. I invite you to visit JPEC for an information session, a tour, or our annual Open House, to see what makes our school an exceptional opportunity for students. My team and I look forward to meeting you!


Jonathon Marowelli
Interim President
Jackson Preparatory & Early College