Mission, Vision and Values

A New Kind of School

Imagine a new kind of school for your child.  Imagine a school where his or her personal learning style, talents, strengths and weaknesses are all considered in crafting an individualized education.  A school where learning is continuous and every student may advance at his or her own pace, with quality, personalized instruction and support.  Imagine a school designed to see every student succeed, finishing with not only a high school diploma but also a college associates degree.

That is the exciting new idea for education that is Jackson Preparatory & Early College!  Students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associates degree – tuition FREE!  We opened in the fall of 2014 and are located on the campus of Jackson College.

Students can earn a valuable credential while saving money and getting a head start toward their career or further study with Jackson College or other 4-year institutions.


Jackson Preparatory & Early College is an academically rigorous, relevant, engaging, student and success-focused environment wherein students become globally minded, academically prepared, and technologically advanced.  The primary goal of JPEC is to prepare all students for college, work and life.


Jackson Preparatory & Early College is recognized as a world-class, personalized, small learning community, developing and implementing an environment that ensures success for all students in academics, on-time graduation, and college experiences.



  • We inspire and encourage creativity, and balance, within the JPEC community
  • We foster an environment where students with an array of abilities and diversities collaborate to inquire, and where we celebrate that different is different, not deficient
  • We believe learning and growth takes place along a continuous progression personally connected with every individual learner to cultivate self-management for life, college, and career
  • We establish trusting relationships by being mindful that individuals’ behaviors are governed by identity and beliefs they hold, and because everyone’s voice and values should be honored
  • We believe passion, enthusiasm, and reflection are needed to be able to see, create, and experiment, and to continuously enhance our learning
  • All decisions, BIG or small must be made putting the needs of the student's first
  • Relationships matter, and must be built and maintained with students and colleagues
  • Realistic honesty grounds us as we seek and fulfill our dreams through meaningful conversation, connections to the real world, deeper understanding, and higher order thinking
  • 21st century skills are absolutely essential and must be intentionally learned and practiced
  • Conflicts and mistakes are learning opportunities that make us stronger