Mission, Vision and Values

Imagine a new kind of school for your child.  Imagine a school where his or her personal learning style, talents, strengths and weaknesses are all considered in crafting an individualized education.  A school where learning is continuous and every student may advance at his or her own pace, with quality, personalized instruction and support.  Imagine a school designed to see every student succeed, finishing with not only a high school diploma but also a college associates degree.

That is the exciting new idea for education that is Jackson Preparatory & Early College! Students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate's degree—tuition is FREE! We opened in the fall of 2014 and are located on the campus of Jackson College.

Students can earn a valuable credential while saving money and getting a head start on their career or further study at Jackson College or other four-year institutions.


Through passion and commitment we inspire excellence - one student at a time.


Jackson Preparatory & Early College - Your Place to grow.  Your Purpose to discover.  Your Future to create.


Five Building Blocks of JPEC

  1. We personalize learning
  2. We celebrate the uniqueness of our learners
  3. We build honest connections and meaningful relationships
  4. We foster confidence through exploring challenges
  5. We encourage passion and commitment