Asthma and Allergies Information

ALLERGIES: An increasing number of students have mild to severe allergic reactions to food, insect stings, or environmental products. We hope to work together to keep all of our students safe at school. We ask that all students with food allergies have a Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (FAAP) from their physician, on file at school. Students are allowed and encouraged to carry their own emergency medications (EpiPen, Benadryl, etc) or they may be stored in the school office. Please contact us if you have questions regarding allergies in the school setting.

ASTHMA: We ask that all students with asthma have a rescue inhaler at school as well as an asthma emergency plan, signed by the physician on file in the school office. According to district policy, students are allowed to carry their own inhalers as long as a medication form (see above) has been completed stating that the student is able and responsible enough to administer the medication without assistance. Please contact us for more specific information regarding asthma management at school.