The Early College serves students from grades 9-13 in pursuit of a technical certificate or college credential as they earn a high school diploma.  Students are eligible for dual enrollment as early as their first year of Early College.  There are requirements and expectations of students before dual enrollment, as well as a required dual enrollment application and essay, designed much like a normal college application.  Many of the policies, titles, and procedures experienced at the Early College are modeled after the experiences students will have at college, so that as our students progress from the Early College to their own college experience, that transition is as seamless as possible. 

The Early College is designed to be a rigorous, academic environment that respects the individuality of all students.  It is not just the school for the “brightest,” but for all students who are willing to work hard for what they wish to accomplish.  The Early College rewards hard work and effort far more than ability, and that growth mindset is an essential part of the Early College culture.

Mission Statement

The Early College provides individualized pathways in education that intensely challenge students to develop college and career readiness through competency-based learning, real world application and experience, and reflective practices.

Vision Statement

The Early College is an innovative, individualized, and challenging environment which promotes freedom and opportunities for students to learn from failures, grow as individuals, and positively contribute to modern-society.


It is the Early College's goal to prepare all students for college, careers, and life.  Our faculty, staff, and administration hold a set of core beliefs and values that drive this goal forward.

  • Student choice
  • Perserverance
  • Real world experience
  • Commitment to individual student success
  • Understanding the individuality of students
  • Learning in the context of the world
  • Growth mindsets (faculty and student)
  • Innovation
  • Commitment to community improvement
  • Technologically fluent
  • Freedom to learn from failure


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Early College News

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Early college

2111 Emmons Road
Jackson, MI  49201
Phone:  517.768.7093
Fax:  517.795.2735

Contact Info

Shane Malmquist

Jonathon Marowelli 
Vice President & Provost

Alex Elfe 
Chief of Staff

School Hours

Start time:  9:00 AM
Dismissal:  4:30 PM

Early Release Wednesdays
Start time:  9:00 AM
Dismissal:  3:00PM