Board of Governors

Jackson Preparatory & Early College Board of Governors is a diverse seven member team made up of representatives from the Jackson area.  All appointed members go through an extensive appointment process and must be approved by the Authorizer, Jackson College.

The Board of Governors is the governing body of JPEC and they hold monthly meetings to conduct school business and resolve important matters.  The public is welcome to attend the meetings.


Authorizing Partnership

Jackson College (JC) is the authorizer of JPEC.  Authorization was approved by the JC Board of Trustees on January 22, 2013.  JC will oversee the academic, financial and compliance operations at JPEC, while the JPEC Board of Directors will ensure that the school is, at a minimum, meeting goals in each of these critical areas.  Both entities are committed to the educational goal and long-term vision of preparing students for success in college, work and life.  The National Charter Schools Institute will continue to support both organizations by providing necessary tools, information, and education.

With JPEC ideally located on the Jackson College campus and with seamless academic programming between JPEC and JC courses/academic pathways, the vision and structure all but ensures a strong and supportive relationship between JPEC and its authorizer (JC). To further support and maintain this relationship, processes and procedures will be developed to address everything from early college academic advising for college-ready JPEC students, to JPEC security protocols aligned and in concert with those of JC.

Jackson College

Board of Governors Meeting Schedule

All scheduled meetings begin at 5:30 PM ET, unless otherwise identified, and are located in the Jackson College, Potter Center Board Room at 2111 Emmons Road, Jackson, Michigan 49201.  Meeting dates are subject to change.  Please check with the office to confirm dates and times.



January 2020

January 27th

February 2020

No meeting

March 2020

March 23rd

April 2020

April 27th

May 2020

May 18th

June 2020

June 22nd

July 2020

July 27th

August 2020

August 17th

September 2020

September 28th

October 2020

October 26th

November 2020

November 23rd

December 2020

No meeting 

January 2021

January 25th


Pursuant to Michigan Open Meetings Act, Act No. 267 of the Public Acts 0f 1976 being Sections 15.261 to 15.275 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

A copy of the meeting minutes are available for public inspection at the above address within in eight business days for proposed minutes and five business days for approved minutes.

The Academy shall comply with subtitle A of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336, 42 USC 1210 et seq or any successor law.  Should you require specific accommodation(s), please call (517) 768.7093 prior to the meeting.


Board of Governor's Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Fiscal Year 2020-2021

PDF DocumentAgenda July 27,2020

PDF DocumentAgenda August 17, 2020

PDF DocumentAgenda September 28, 2020

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

PDF Document1 Minutes July 12, 2019

PDF Document2 Minutes August 19, 2019

PDF Document3 Special Minutes September 6, 2019

PDF Document4 Minutes September 23, 2019

PDF Document5 Minutes October 28, 2019

PDF Document6 Minutes November 25, 2019

PDF Document7 Minutes January 27, 2020

PDF Document8 Minutes March 23, 2020

PDF Document9 Minutes April 28, 2020

PDF DocumentAgenda May 18, 2020

PDF DocumentAgenda June 22, 2020, Budget Meeting Agenda

Fiscal Year 2018-2019

PDF Document1 Cancellation Notice July 18, 2018

PDF Document2 Minutes August 20, 2018

PDF Document3 Minutes September 24, 2018

PDF Document4 Minutes October 22, 2018

PDF Document5 Minute November 19, 2018

PDF Document6 Minutes December 17, 2018

PDF Document7 Cancellation Notice January 28, 2019

PDF Document8 Cancellation Notice January 31, 2019

PDF Document9 Minutes February 6, 2019

PDF Document10 Minutes February 15, 2019

PDF Document11 Minutes March 18, 2019

PDF Document12 Minutes April 22, 2019

PDF Document13 Minutes May 20, 2019

PDF Document14 Minutes June 24, 2019

Fiscal Year 2017-2018


PDF Document1 Minutes July 24, 2017

PDF Document2 Minutes August 28, 2017

PDF Document3 Minutes September 25, 2017

PDF Document4 Minutes October 23, 2017

PDF Document5 Minutes November 27, 2017

PDF Document6 Minutes December 18, 2017

PDF Document7 Minutes January 22, 2018

PDF Document8 Minutes February 19, 2018

PDF Document9 Minutes March 19, 2018

PDF Document10 Minutes April 23, 2018

PDF Document11 Minutes May 21, 2018

PDF Document12 Minutes June 18, 2018

Fiscal Year 2016-2017


PDF Document1 Minutes July 18, 2016

PDF Document2 Minutes August 15, 2016

PDF Document3 Minutes September 7, 2016

PDF Document4 Minutes October 12, 2016

PDF Document5 Minutes November 7, 2016

PDF Document6 Minutes December 5, 2016

PDF Document7 Minutes January 23, 2017

PDF Document8 Minutes February 27, 2017

PDF Document9 Minutes March 27, 2017

PDF Document10 Minutes April 24, 2017

PDF Document11 Minutes, May 31, 2017

PDF Document12 Minutes, June 26, 2017

Fiscal Year 2015-2016


PDF Document1 Minutes July 20, 2015

PDF Document2 Minutes August 3, 2015

PDF Document3 Minutes August 24, 2015

PDF Document4 Minutes October 5, 2015

PDF Document5 Minutes November 2, 2015

PDF Document6 Minutes December 7, 2015

PDF Document7 Cancellation Notice January 25, 2016

PDF Document8 Minutes February 29, 2016

PDF Document9 Minutes March 7, 2016

PDF Document10 Minutes March 28, 2016

PDF Document11 Minutes April 13, 2016

PDF Document12 Minutes May 2, 2016

PDF Document13 Minutes June 6, 2016

PDF Document14 Minutes June 29, 2016

Fiscal Year 2014-2015


PDF Document1 Minutes September 2, 2014

PDF Document2 Minutes October 6, 2014

PDF Document3 Minutes November 3, 2014

PDF Document4 Minutes December 1, 2014

PDF Document5 Minutes January 5, 2015

PDF Document6 Minutes February 2, 2015

PDF Document7 Minutes March 2, 2015

PDF Document8 Minutes April 6, 2015

PDF Document9 Minutes May 4, 2015

PDF Document10 Minutes June 1, 2015

PDF Document11 Minutes June 29, 2015


Board Policies

Link to the State of Michigan Open Meetings Act: